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Employee Referral Program

Be on the lookout. As a valued employee, you are our best spotters. Simply recommend stand-out candidates to us: Friends, family members, colleagues, acquaintances, anyone you think would make an outstanding addition to the Yotta Systems team. Each successfully hired referral you make, makes you stand out in the crowd and will lead to a big reward! Start making referrals today!

Rules and Requirements

I. Employee Eligibility: The Employee Referral Program (ERP) is open to all regular full-time and part-time Yotta Systems employees. Contract employees may submit referrals but are ineligible for award payments.

II. Candidate Eligibility: Referrals will be accepted for all candidates, with the exception of Former employees, contractors or temporary staff with less than one (1) year since their separation from any Yotta Systems, or persons returning from leave of absence, or rehired from furlough or reassignment lists. Yotta Systems reserves the right not to pursue a referred candidate if the eventual employment of said candidate would constitute a conflict of interest with a customer or supplier and be detrimental to the best interests of the corporation. Candidate referrals will remain valid for a period of six (6) months.

III. Referral Award Eligibility: The employee who refers a candidate must be the source of the candidate's contact with the Yotta Systems' recruitment staff. The referring employee must complete the following steps:
1. Make direct contact with the referred candidate.
2. Secure a current resume.
3. Submit the candidate through the ERP program prior to the candidate's interview.
Referring employees may not take part in the interview process. Such action would render them ineligible for award. Generally, referrals will be honored on a "first received" basis, where the source and date can be clearly identified.In cases where the "first received" cannot be clearly identified, Human Resources/Recruiting will be the sole arbitrator for determining award payment(s) and may elect to split awards if deemed appropriate. In cases where candidate submittals are received from multiple sources (e.g. ERP, employment agencies, career events, advertisements), the resume that generates the interest of the Hiring Manager will be credited as the source of hire.

IV. Award Eligibility and Payment:
1. Employee shall be paid a referral bonus of $2500 for each qualified candidate.
2. Awards are paid for referrals who are hired and commence employment with Yotta Systems. Payments will be paid after the employee has completed 90 days of service.
3. The referring employee and the individual who was referred must be active Yotta Systems employees (at the time of award) in order for an award to be paid.