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Yotta Systems is headquartered in New Jersey, serves all of United States of America and has been one of the fastest growing names of late along the East Coast.

Marketplaces have increasingly become very volatile owing to the diversity of human capital available globally. So have the challenges associated with finding the right resources. We at Yotta Systems have helped our clients in keeping up with such challenges. And we stand completely equipped today to meet the future challenges of various industries belonging to various geographical areas.

By providing resource solutions to our clients so far, we have been doing our bit to assist entrepreneurship in United States of America, filling the gaps for the people as well as for businesses. This has enabled us to create a strong resource base and a community that banks on its intellectual potential. We wish now to take this to other parts of the world as well.Our priority is to provide our clients with the right resources, at the right time and get them the best possible within their constraints. We especially focus on the expertise required by the industry and our client particular and get top-of-the line resources for them.

We serve our clients with all forms of placements, consulting and project management. Our clients range from Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Technology, Telecom, Utilities, Transportation and Aerospace. The profiles of such a vast range makes us unique. Quality being our commitment, we have consistently delivered the best to all of them. By keeping the services up in the same manner, Yotta Systems intends to establish a lasting relationship with all our clients and be a part of their journey to their long-term goals.

Why Choose Us?

  • Diversity of human capital available globally.
  • Assist enterprenaurship by filling the gaps for your business.
  • Strong Intellectual Resource base for providing support catered to your needs.
  • One platform providing all forms of placements, consulting and project management .
  • Consistent Track record in providing the best quality of Services.
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Client Say

“We contacted Yotta Systems with the expectation of meeting all our IT solutions through them and not having to worry at all about any roadblocks due to IT issues. But, we were surprised that not only could we depend on them, but also we were able to develop our new product line with their suggestions and backing! We’d like to work with them for all our future projects as well.”

Our Skills

Quality Assurance 73%
J2EE 100%
Business Intelligence 78%
Big Data 80%
Sales Force 63%