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Our Vision

At Yotta Systems, we have successfully been predicting industry trends. We bring on board the best of the talents in a sector specific owing to existing expertise in our core team, with highly skilled IT background. While hiring, our pay high attention to getting people who are adaptable, have an excellent record and are the best at what they do. In short, we get the crème-de-la-crème for our clients since they and their goodwill are our most valued asset.

Driven by and assuring quality at each step, although our clients are our priority, yet our resource-base is our backbone. We not only keep them abreast of industry standards via our training programs but we also make sure that they hone their skills by demonstrating them in the right position with the right client at the right time.The gaps existing in any organization with respect to knowledge or skill or expertise required must be analyzed in time. Our consulting team does in-depth analyses of all problems or bottlenecks. Depending upon the action plan thus charted out in consent with our clients’ management teams and all stakeholders, we shortlist all the gaps and come up with the exact and top-of-the-line resource solutions via our project management services, direct placements, contract-to-hire placements as well as temporary placements of resources.

We not only take care that our resources are in tandem with the cultural and professional environments of our clients, but we also make sure that they’re adaptable enough to fit the processes and structures unique to our client organizations. We believe in having long-term relationships with all our clients and being a part of their ventures throughout the age of their venture. Understanding their vision and mission right in the beginning aids this and hence, we provide all solutions to them after studying their set-up with a 360 degrees view.

Our Approach

A small error at one stage can lead to magnanimous malfunctions later. For this reason, we observe zero tolerance to errors right from the start. We keep quality as our prime focus from step one. This is our basic approach towards all our operations.

At the same time, we go by the adage – devil is in the details. Our clients’ requirements are studied and analyzed in depth by our team of experts in order to understand what is their exact requirement. After a careful study of the requirement, the job related specifics are jotted down and interpreted to match the generalized frameworks specific to industry or sector particular. This step helps us in scrutinizing through our pool of related resource and getting down precisely to the most fitting ones. This practice enables us in getting it right the first time itself.

We have structured these processes in our unique way so that they the solutions reach our clients in no time and the solution can be implemented right away, without taking away from the functioning time of the organization. Finally, we deliver the best to our clients and have been continuously making them satisfied, happy and coming back for their further projects, too

Working at Yotta

Work at Yotta Systems is an amazing combination of fun and competitiveness. We believe in the power of technology and so encourage the latest from the tech scene to be used – thus empowering our people to be the most productive and so that our end results are a product of smart work and smart application of technology.

We have remained and intend to continue remaining at the top of the most competitive pay structure and remuneration, including comprehensive benefit packages and industry leading benefits and training. We know that it is through a chain of trust that a good team is built one at a time. That is why we trust whom our employees trust, and we encourage referrals. When the new employee completes 90 days, we pay our referring employee with a referral bonus.

We have an impressive clientele in the USA, especially along the east coast. For all qualified employees, Yotta Systems sponsors H1 Visa. Our versatile client portfolio and training programs expose them to the latest and make them empowered industry players.